It’s Time To Put The Universe On The Map. The Sex Map That Is!



At the turn of the 20th century man took for the sky. Several decades later we were able to put a man on the Moon. Today we hear talks about colonizing Mars, but there’s still something we haven’t done yet in our quest towards the infinite. We still haven’t had sex there yet… or at least, as far as we know! In any case, in 2016 this could become official with the first ever porno movie made in the Earth’s orbit and it’s timt to put the universe on the sex map!


While the phrase “Where no man has gone before” doesn’t really apply here, this will certainly be a first and a world record, not to mention an important “landmark” in human evolution.

Anyway, the website PornHub wants to raise $3.4 million via crowdfunding and make Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins part of the space history. We wish them all the best and hopefully they will bring much more needed attention to the space program, which was left behind in recent decades.