It’s Official! With This Invention, Japan Just Became The Weirdest Country On Earth!




It’s Official! With This Invention, Japan Just Became The Weirdest Country On Earth! Ladies and gentlemen, you may have seen your fair share of weird Japanese inventions, but this one definitely takes the cake for world’s weirdest invention ever!

The Internet sort of got used to seeing the weird, crazy and amazing stuff that happens only in Japan, but with this Anime Watching Portable Device, the Japanese have outdone themselves! And remember, we are talking about a country that has a TV show where men are being jerked off while they’re singing karaoke songs!

This unique Japanese invention comes “in hand” whenever your arms get tired of holding your smartphone while you watch anime cartoons.

We all know that the Japanese love their anime and manga cartoons, but this really escalated quickly and the results is a Goose/Duck/Swan shaped device for your crotch that supports your smartphone so you can watch anime and manga all day long, without a care in the world.

You may think it’s just an absurd and funny video, but if you look at the things that people are doing in Japan right now, you will start believing that absolutely anything is possible when it comes to the Japanese and their love of anime, manga and hentai.


Is your arm feeling tired?


Can’t watch anime anymore?


The answer to all your problems is here! This is the thing for you!


You can use it at the gym!


While you eat…


You can even take it with you at work!


And women are simply crazy about it!


They even have something similar especially designed for them!


It comes with a Cobra, Samurai and even a Geisha head!


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You know you want it!