It’s Here Folks! The Keyboard Waffle Iron


Keyboard Waffle Iron Open

Whoever came up with the keyboard waffle iron must really love waffles. We bet he was looking at a waffle one day, saw the squares on it and thought that they really look like inverted keys on a keyboard. Either that or he spilled waffle dough all over his keyboard.

Whatever the case, this was a minor stroke of genius. Who won’t want to eat a waffle shaped like a keyboard. You can pretend you’re writing something while you’re eating. You can even stick your fingers in the maple syrup if you wanted to.

Anyway, enough joking around. Here are the some straight up facts about the thing right here. The Keyboard Waffle Iron is a special die-cast aluminum waffle iron for making computer keyboard-shaped waffles. The resulting waffles are wireless and feature different sized key-shaped dimples including a large space bar capable of holding significantly more syrup and butter than an average waffle dimple.

The iron itself features a non-stick and easy to clean surface and comes with a digital waffle cookbook that includes vegan and gluten-free options.

The Keyboard Waffle Iron is available now in the Laughing Squid Store for an 11% discount and free shipping. Have fun and “type away”.

Keyboard Waffle

Keyboard Waffle Iron Logo

Keyboard Waffle Iron Overhead

Keyboard Waffle Complete Breakfast