The Italian Town Filled With Caravaggio’s Descendants (VIDEO)

The Italian Town Filled With Caravaggio’s Descendants (VIDEO)

The Italian Town Filled With Caravaggio's Descendants (VIDEO)

Step inside the Italian town filled with Caravaggio’s descendants. The town’s name, as you would probably expect, is Caravaggio.
The great Renaissance painter’s real name was Michelangelo Merisi (Michele Angelo Merigi or Amerighi), but as so many other artist of the time, he took the name of the city he came from. Therefore, the famous painter went on to be known as Caravaggio.
The painter was born on 28 September 1571 and died at the age of 38 on July 18th 1610. Cravaggio was considered the bad boy of his era, and like his paintings, his entire life was a contrast of light and darkness. Caravaggio was arrested several times and he even killed a man.
He was found dead on a beach in Tuscany and was thought to not have fathered any children. However, recent discoveries of his bones in a communal cemetery led to an investigation and DNA tests showed that the people from Caravaggio carrying the name of Merisi are all descendants from the great painter.

While the talent seems to have been transmitted through DNA, Alberto Merisio, a painter from Caravaggio, says he does not want to copy his ancestor’s work. Like any true artist, he wants to be remembered for his own works.


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