Is War Going Out Of Fashion?



Even if today there are conflicts going on pretty much all over the world and people die because of them, none however are active wars between two nations. Most are either local clashes or civil wars. While these are very bad on their own, they are nowhere as close to the utter devastation that a conflict between two or more states brings.


This is happening because of several reasons. One of which is profit. Almost all conflicts since the beginning of human civilization have been fought over material things. Even if the motivations for those who had very little to gain and who also did the actual fighting was different (cultural, religious etc.) the main purpose for a war is basically to take the material wealth one country or region and transfer it to another.


More recently however with globalization, it is more cheaper to buy resources from neighboring states than to start a war over them. This is a fairly new concept in human development.

Democracy on a global scale had also a huge impact on the way we fight our wars. Since democracies fairly rarely fight each other, the number of wars fought between nations has dropped significantly in the last decades. Not to mention the fact that after WWII countries all over the world have pledged to respect each other’s autonomy and borders.


Most of the conflicts that do take place around the world today however, are a direct result of colonialism and the Cold War. When countries that took part of the former soviet block became fully independent, internal cultural disparity became an issue once again. This was the case for the former Yugoslav Republic which is now several countries. The same problem can be seen in Ukraine today.

The end of colonialism sparked the same problem and has reverberations even to this day, as seen all throughout the African continent. But even if countries are in different types of conflicts within themselves, the situation is far better than during colonial times, that’s for sure. Just look at the Belgian Congo for example and the atrocities that took place there up until 1960 when it became independent!

6Lastly there are the weapons of mass destruction. Their development, even if terrifying and apocalyptic in a sense, is one major reason WWIII didn’t take place right after the second one. During the period of the Cold War the two major super powers (USA and USSR) didn’t go head to head with each other and only fought with satellite nations for the control of their ideology. The main reason for this is MAD actually (mutually assured destruction). We could say that we have been living is a sort of a dangerous status quo for the past 60 years.


Now it’s still early to tell if things are really beginning to change for the better, but if we don’t have a major war in the next 75 years, it will be safe to say that we are on our way to becoming better people as a whole!

The guys at Kurz Gesagt have made a video showing in detail this situation we are in now and what is happening around the world at the current moment. Why things look the way they do and if, hopefully, they will change for the better.