The Definition Of Irony: Karl Marx’s Tomb Has An Entry Fee


The Definition Of Irony: Karl Marx’s Tomb Has An Entry Fee

The Definition Of Irony: Karl Marx's Tomb Has An Entry Fee - Highgate cemetery, London, UK
The Definition Of Irony: Karl Marx’s Tomb Has An Entry Fee – Highgate Cemetery, London, UK

In case you didn’t get your fair share of ironic situations, hearing that Karl Marx’s tomb has an entry fee will definitely give you something to be surprised about. If this isn’t irony at its finest, then nothing is.

The marble engraving on Karl Marx’s tomb, located at Highgate Cemetery in London, reads “Workers of all lands unite” which pretty much sums up marxism and the great philosopher’s ideas. Pretty much.

Karl Marx (born 5 May 1818 – died 14 March 1883) is one of the biggest names in modern philosophy. He created the ideology we call marxism today (surprise, surprise!) and was also a sociologist, economist, journalist and revolutionary socialist. Contrary to popular belief, Marx was not a communist. He was a socialist, which is not the same thing. Not even close.

He was a strong believer in the greater good of society, putting country before individual, and equality over competition. This being said, it is easy to understand why charging a fee for someone who believed that everybody should work for the state and the state will thus provide everything free of charge to its citizens, is complete madness. Let’s call it irony, again.

You will be charged an entry fee of approximately $6 to visit the great philosopher’s grave. Since Marx was against private property, you can imagine how many times he rolled over in his grave until now.

“There are no depths of irony, or bad taste, to which capitalists won’t sink if they think they can make money out of it,” said one 24-year-old Marxist to The Wall Street Journal.

“Marx believed that labor should be rewarded, he didn’t believe that you could achieve a classless society simply by refusing to pay for things,” Alex Gordon, the chair of a charity in charge of maintaining Karl Marx’s grave, told the WSJournal.