Instagram Star Isn’t What She Seems, Yet Nobody Noticed One Crucial Detail

Instagram Star Isn't What She Seems, Yet Nobody Noticed One Crucial Detail
Instagram Star Isn’t What She Seems, Yet Nobody Noticed One Crucial Detail

This Instagram star isn’t what she seems and although one crucial detail is present in each and everyone of her posts, nobody seemed to notice, or care, or both. Louise Delage looked like your average glamorous young French woman. Judging by most of her followers, she was living the good life. She had everything a girl could ever want: yachts, champagne pool parties, eating at some of France’s finest restaurants, you name it!

? F.R.E.S.H ?

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Good Time

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The 25-year-old Parisian got more than 50,000 followers on Instagram after creating her account on August 1 2016. Since then, the numbers of likes and comments kept on coming and it seemed like everybody wanted a piece of Louise’s perfect life.

?? P.A.R.I.S ??

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#latergram Bretagne

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Tu me fais tourner la tête

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However, on September 30, 2016, something happened. The Instagram star updated her profile with one video. Her final video. She fast-forwarded all of her previous posts in a last attempt to show all of her followers one recurring detail. All of her pictures and videos showed her with an alcoholic drink in her hand and almost no one noticed. That’s when everybody understood that Louise Delage is not who she seemed to be.

She is actually a French student who posted photos on an Instagram account as part of an anti-addiction campaign for Addict Aide, a French organization that tries to help people in getting sober. This unique campaign was created by Paris-based advertising agency, BETC. After the truth behind all 149 Instagram photos with drinks in her hand, ‘Louise Delange”s real name will be kept a secret, said BETC president Stéphane Xiberras.

The campaign focused on the idea that anyone can miss the signs of addiction, even if the person who shows these signs is close to us.

She’s the girl next door, she could be your daughter or someone you know, explained Xiberras. You can miss something like this. It’s so difficult for parents if your child is an alcoholic, you are not able to find the clues and understand things.

He added that some people noticed that the Instagram wasn’t genuine, but the numbers were insignificant: “but that is the point. No one noticed. [They thought] this girl has everything. That was the point.” According to Addict Aide estimations, different forms of addiction are behind 1 out of every 5 deaths in France each year.

This campaign was a real success and its creators could not be happier.

You can reach a lot of people through the use of the media. It’s crazy, Xiberras said.

It is up to us to pay attention to all the involuntary signs our friends and family members are sending out. This way we could prevent them from becoming addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances. Sharing is caring! Let’s make a difference!