Instagram Couple Gets Paid With £7,000 For Each Photo


Instagram Couple Gets Paid With £7,000 For Each Photo

Instagram Couple Gets Paid With £7,000 For Each Photo
Instagram Couple Gets Paid With £7,000 For Each Photo

Instagram is an amazing tool and with it, people can make a lot of money. Here’s a couple Jack Morris, 26, and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen, 24 who’ve been travelling the world together and getting paid for it to do it. This might sound like some sort of pyramid scheme, but it isn’t – it’s Instagram.

Since they met each other in Fiji in 2016, the two have made it their full-time job to travel the world and letting their more than 3 million followers know where they’re going. To date, they’ve visited over 45 countries and counting. And to do it, they get paid six figure salaries.

In a previous interview with Cosmopolitan, Jack revealed that the most he earned for a single photo was £7,000, while Lauren took £6,000.

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“I did a job for a phone company where I flew out for three days; there were two days filming and then I had to do five photos on Instagram, and that was $35,000,” he told the magazine.

“We’ve even turned up to jobs before that we’ve charged thousands for, and we’ve got there and they’ve been like, “your rates are so low”.”

In his blog, Do You Travel, Jack revealed the secrets behind taking a great snap. They key has to do with timing. As it turns out, they take the best Instagram photos just after sunrise because busy locations tend to be least crowded about one hour after the sun arrives.

He also pointed out that it’s important to keep a certain, let’s say, theme in his Instagram account, and thus, it’s important for his photos to match each other. That’s why he isn’t using any filters or apps. Today the Instagram couple is living in Bali and continue to take photos for their accounts. Their aim is to visit a new non-work related country every month.