Step Inside The World’s Most Primitive Hotel


Step Inside The World’s Most Primitive Hotel

Step Inside The World's Most Primitive Hotel
Step Inside The World’s Most Primitive Hotel

Step inside the Kolarbyn Ecolodge aka the world’s most primitive hotel. This unique outdoor escape is definitely something everybody should try at least once in a lifetime because it will give you the chance to really connect with Mother Nature.

The Kolarbyn Ecolodge is a group of 12 wooden lodges located in Sweden’s woods. This is how lumberjacks used to live decades ago and now you have the possibility to experience this unique, almost forgotten lifestyle. Forget running water, modern heating and electricity, because you will have none of that here. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and don’t forget to pay attention to all the instructions you will receive when going to sleep. They could make the difference between an adventure to remember or a story where you froze to death because you ran out of wood to burn.

Step Inside The World's Most Primitive Hotel
Step Inside The World’s Most Primitive Hotel



Guests at the world’s most primitive hotel are offered warm and comfortable sheep skins to sleep in and a cozy open fire to make you unwind from all the stress you get from your daily routine.

Spend some relaxing days in the forest. Hang out by the camp fire at night. Meet people from all over the world. And the Moose and Beaver tours is a must! You deserve more wild moments, the owners say. No, you don’t have to be Crocodile Dundee or Ray Mears to survive your holiday at Kolarbyn. If you need any assistance at all, our helpful hosts are here to guide you through every step.





Oh, we didn’t even mention the best part of this outdoor experience. The hotel has no toilets. Yes, you read that correctly – NO TOILETS!

If you need to visit the toilet, you are welcome to pee behind any tree. Just not on the berries! the owners explain.



When it comes to food, you shouldn’t worry because there’s a shed full of delicious specialties cooked for all the guests. If you think this is an experience for you, a night at this hotel will cost you around $65. Kolarbyn Ecologde is located approximately 2 hours away from Stockholm, Sweden‘s capital city, near the village Skinnskatteberg. Enjoy the great outdoors!