Step Inside The Real-Life ‘Westworld’ Of The 1920s


Step Inside The Real-Life ‘Westworld’ Of The 1920s

Step Inside The Real-Life 'Westworld' Of The 1920s
Step Inside The Real-Life ‘Westworld’ Of The 1920s

Westworld is the HBO hit Sci-Fi western-themed TV show right now and its fans are growing by the thousands with each passing episode. Nobody knows exactly what will happen next in Westworld, and with such a ‘misleading’ plot, we’re not even sure if we’re watching a TV show or not. “We are in a dream”

The TV show is based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 movie, Westworld, and the story of this historical theme park is that anybody with lots of money can live a few days in the old wild, wild west and do whatever the heart and soul wishes. Nothing is forbidden for visitors, and the entire atmosphere is very well maintained by AI hosts. We really don’t want to say more about this amazing TV show for two reasons:

1) We are already incredibly biased when it comes to this new HBO production and we will only see the good parts of the show and preach them forward;

2) This is definitely the type of show where you have to experience everything through your own filter.












The Dressler’s Pioneer Place album is a series of 21 amazing photographs taken back in the 1920s. It shows people from all over the US coming to California, at 2282 Fulton Street, Berkeley, to experience the long-forgotten days of the wild west. If those days were long-forgotten back then, just imagine how they would have felt like in the 70s, or how about even right now?

Step Inside The Real-Life 'Westworld' Of The 1920s
Step Inside The Real-Life ‘Westworld’ Of The 1920s

People used to go to Dressler’s Pioneer Place and dressed up in historical costumes. For people from the 1920s, historical meant any period before the 1890s. The differences were pretty big, although when we like to get a little vintage with our outfits, we could easily mix up clothes from 3 to 4 different decades without even spotting the discrepancies.

What people did back in the 20s, at this vintage real-life ‘Westworld’ park, makes us think a little about where the creators of the 1973 movie and the 2016 TV series got their inspiration from.