Insect Drones Are On Their Way



If information is power, then gathering information without others knowing it, is even greater power. That’s why the United States has been developing insect drones, to better survey areas without the threat of discovery. Raging in size from the palm of your hand, to that of your fingertip, these drones can take the form of birds or even tiny insects.

Their main use, given their size, is to infiltrate buildings and other, hard to reach places. Besides being used by governments and the military, these drones can also help firefighters asses a situation inside a burning building and look for survivors. These tiny drones can reach speeds of up to 45 mph, and can navigate an intricate series of rooms without the need of any human assistance or pre-programmed GPS way-points.

insect drones

The main issue is their possible, and by the way things look like at the moment, inevitable misuse of these tiny drones. While CCTV cameras can spy on you anywhere in the public space, these tiny mechanical spies can keep an eye on you inside your house. As is our smartphones don’t do that already. Even if further developments need to be made, people have reportedly seen some suspiciously mechanical birds flying around public gatherings.

Some even go as far as to say that once viable, this technology can be modified to incorporate DNA retrieval devices, as well as leaving behind RAFID tracking nanotechnology on someone’s skin. All in all, your days of absolute freedom are numbered, especially given the fact that governments become more and more aware of their own obsolete functions.