Infographic About Solar Panels, Solar Energy And Everything Related



Every second of every day our sun bombards us with a tremendous amount of energy. 174 quadrillion watts of energy to be more exact. This huge energy output is what keeps life on Earth functioning, what gives plants the energy to grow, animals to move, rain to fall, etc.

Now us humans have discovered that we can tap into this immense source of power, but we’re nowhere even close to having a profound impact. Even though the technology for solar panels is getting better and better and we can transform more and more of the sun’s rays into electricity, we still have a long way to go before we can say we use the power of the sun effectively.

Today this method of green energy isn’t so widely used because of its cost in producing these materials as well as their relatively inefficiency to converting light into energy. In order to be effective, large surfaces of land must be covered by these panels, creating literal solar panel farms. Nevertheless, solar power is one key source of green energy we must invest our time and energy into as it may as well save us from what awaits us just off the horizon.

To learn more about solar, and how it can change our lives, check out the infographic below created by the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Online Masters in Electrical Engineering degree program.


Map showing how much land is required to fill all the world's electrical needs with solar panels image source:
Map showing how much land is required to fill all the world’s electrical needs with solar panels
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