Artist Fills Massive Inflatable Dome with Tremendous 360° Landscape Drawings


Artist Fills Massive Inflatable Dome with Tremendous 360° Landscape Drawings


Oscar Oiwa’s newest immersive display spans the entire interior of a massive vinyl inflatable dome. The Brazilian-born Japanese artist is globally recognized for his large-scale installations and this piece, Oiwa Island 2, is an impressive addition to his expansive portfolio. With a quaint seaside cottage painted in, and life-like depictions of the skyline and forest that make up the Setouchi landscape in Japan, the artwork unfolds into a stunning 360 degree panoramic vision.

The air dome is set to be installed within a building that was previously used as a soy sauce warehouse. The display is also interactive— the painted door on the side of the dome is the actual door through which guests may enter and admire the massive black-and-white scrawls that cover the entire structure. The 40-ft diameter inflatable piece is located in Shōdoshima.

The installation was created for the 2016 Setouchi Triennale, which begins on March 20, 2016. The giant art festival spans 12 islands in the area and includes 68 pieces completed by respected artists, designers, and architects from all around the world. Oiwa himself has another artwork on display at the festival: The room inside of the room, located on Ogijima, which also seeks to toy with one’s perspective.


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