Incredibly Realistic Wood Carvings Look Good Enough to Eat


Incredibly Realistic Wood Carvings Look Good Enough to Eat


Wood carvings artist Seiji Kawasaki has us completely duped with his amazingly realistic food creations. Hand-carving blocks of wood down to perfection, he then paints his pieces to mimic the intricate shading and details that are naturally found in each food item—you would never be able to guess that his sardines started their lives on land instead of sea. Just be careful not to mistake Kawasaki’s creations for the real thing, or you might lose a tooth to a chunk of driftwood that looks a lot like a tempting chocolate bar.

The delectable-looking pieces take about 2-3 hours to complete, which is amazing considering the amount of detail apparent within each tiny recreation. While some are just lovely decorative pieces, often he attaches an element of functionality to his carvings, such as turning petite peppers into chopstick rests. Kawasaki’s cunning handiwork demonstrates a high level of artistry (and is also delightfully deceptive). He regularly posts new carvings to his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Some truly amazing wood carvings, we have to give him that. What are your thoughts about these works of art? Please leave your opinion in the comment section below.


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