Incredible Guy Picks Up Stray Dogs From The Street Every Day And Gives Them an Amazing Surprise!


This incredible guy picks up stray dogs from the streets every day and gives them an amazing surprise! He bathes every “soi dog” (street dog) he finds on the streets and keeps them free of fleas, parasites and also heals their wounds.

Sorasart Wisetsin, from Thailand, is the man behind this heartwarming initiative and although it may not seem like much for some people, if you take in consideration the country’s way of treating these animals, you will realize that Sorasart deserves a statue.


In Thailand, over 120,000 stray dogs walk the streets of Bangkok and most of the times, these dogs end up in illegal dog fights and even in restaurants where they are served as delicacies.

By washing the dogs and keeping them healthy, Sorasart Wisetsin’s initiative is a big step up for these dogs in finding new owners that will love and care for them and eventually, saving them from a life of dog fights or from being served as the main dish in a fancy restaurant in Thailand’s capital.


Such a man really deserves to get his story out to the whole world, in order to raise awareness of how dogs are treated in Thailand and many other parts of the world.

This is not Sorasart Wisetsin’s first initiative of helping stray dogs, in fact, he even saved Gluta, a dog from the streets that was diagnosed with cancer, and managed to turn her into the happiest dog in the world! Read full story with pictures of Gluta, right here!