In Less Than 1 Minute Bernie Sanders Captures the Main Difference Between Him and Hillary Clinton



This incredible and straight to the point video shows how in less than 1 minute Bernie Sanders captures the main difference between him and Hillary Clinton. Less than 1 minute!

By now, everybody knows who Bernard ‘Bernie’ Sanders is, a Democrat looking to surpass Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race and he is beginning to get more and more followers of his own (and we’re not talking just about Twitter).

Bernie Sanders was a guest at NBC’s Meet the Press latest edition and talked about his plan for America, about what is right and what is wrong in our society today and what measures and ideas he plans to implement if elected President of the United States of America.

The hot spot of the interview was when in less than 1 minute Bernie Sanders managed to capture the pure essential difference between him and fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton. Although Bernie Sanders specifically mentions that he likes Hillary Clinton, he also says that challenging measures or having different ideas than his counterpart is normal.

Let’s just see what Bernie Sanders had to say in this video and everything will start being crystal clear for the American people.