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40 Illustrations Conveying Ironies Of Modern Life

40 Illustrations Conveying Ironies Of Modern Life

Italian illustrator Marco Melgrati has a unique perspective on the sad truths of present-day society. Credit: Marco Melgrati

Italian freelance illustrator Marco Melgrati is disillusioned by modern living and depicts this fact in the 40 illustrations below. The activist, who uses art to express what he deems to be the sad truths of present-day society, first shared the insightful collection with Bored Panda.

At first glance, some of the creative illustrations’ meanings are hidden, but the titles enlighten the viewer on the message Melgrati hopes to convey. The artist works with magazines by mail, mostly for USA, Italy, and Mexico and has experience in mixed media traditional plug digital program. You can view more of his work here.





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So, what do you think about these illustrations? Did they open your eyes? Anyway, if you enjoyed this, please feel free to check out our other related articles.

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