How Would It Look Like If We Were To Exchange Places With Animals


Exchange Places With Animals

To believe that one race holds supremacy over all other living beings is to live in an illusion, to be infatuated with a lie and promise of power, and to contribute to a destructive and cruel cycle which exploits and harms other sentient, innocent creatures every day.

Yet this is exactly what is happening all around the world. Not only are women treated as less than equals in every profession (making up 40% of the workforce, yet hold only 1% of the world’s profits), but animals in every country and region are considered to be less intelligent, and in effect, less worthy of having rights.

Just because animals do not communicate in the same way human beings do, does not make them any less important – or essential – to the ecosystem and workings of the world.

To shed light on the way animals are treated and cause viewers to contemplate their own actions, these creative – and somewhat disturbing – cartoons have been compiled into a collection for YOU to ponder what it would be like if animals treated humans the same way they are presently being treated.

Here’s how it would look like if we were to exchange places with animals.

exchange places with animals