How To Travel The World For Free (Infographic)



Ever wondered how could you travel the world for free? You look on other people’s media accounts and don’t understand how some are able to just pick up a few things and move from one place to another, without the bother of vacation days and a 9 to 5 program. They even somehow are able to sustain their free lifestyle without needing to follow a “normal” way of life.

As The Crazy Tourist shares, and as this author can attest to, there are a number of free travel opportunities most people pass up quite simply because they don’t know they exist. Travel doesn’t need to be expensive, nor does it need to mean one has to invest in the grandest of adventures in order to experience the best various countries have to offer.

Ironically, the visions of travel most people hold have been pushed on them by the very industry that benefits from one’s association of exploration with wealth. However, with the right information, anyone can visit abroad and even live like a king.
From free flights to long-term, luxury accommodation, the infographic below outlines the easiest ways to organize yourself an expense-free vacation, or long-term travel experience.