How to Plan a Perfect Dissertation Paper Quickly and Easily


This article has been specially written for all those who are writing a dissertation and need a plan on how to do it properly. The best tips are here.

Planning a Perfect Dissertation Quickly and Easily!

Writing a dissertation means that you’ve finally reached one of the hardest tests of your educational career. After writing it, you will become a Ph.D. and a true scholar. But before this wonderful moment comes, you have to get organized and get the job done.

A dissertation is the most important piece of research of an undergraduate career, and it means that it won’t be easy. It is quite natural to get stressed out over it and lose yourself along the way. So what can be done to keep things under control and remain focused throughout the entire process? The answer for most of us is – make a plan of the entire process. In some cases, if you are juggling family responsibilities, a job and a young one on top of everything finding time to do things will become a top priority. Thus, some choose to get an essay help and qualified writing assistance with particular segments of their dissertation to lighten their workload. Keep in mind that without a solid plan it will be hard to plan and work around your tutors, supervisor, family and so on since time will be your most valuable asset.

How to Make a Perfect Plan of Your Dissertation in a Few Simple Steps

Just like cooks need a recipe or builders need a blueprint, so does a dissertation writer need a plan of his or her dissertation. Writing a plan will organize you, it will make your work much easier. Not to mention the fact that you will be more concentrated on fulfilling your plan and you will less likely get distracted.

Select a Field of Interest of Yours

It will be much less a daunting task if you research something you like or at least something you are interested in. So brush up what you enjoyed the most during studying the course. Perhaps there was something you wanted to learn more about, but the course had limits on studying that matter?

Before selecting a topic, try to find some information on it in advance and thus make sure that there’s enough literature on your subject. Also, prefer using the most recent sources. They’ll help you choose the best way to start your research.

Select a Title and Approach

How do you want to research? Do you want to conduct a deeper study of something carried out earlier? Or do you want to apply a theory to something practical and learn whether it’s applicable or not? Or maybe you just want to analyze something very closely?

A good title is a must. The title is supposed to inform what your approach is. You could make a test title for now or a couple of them so that you could choose the best one of them later.

Last but not least – show your title to your tutor. He or she will give you advice and clarify everything.

A General Structure Of a Dissertation

The most basic structure would be something like this: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The introduction is basically what you’re about to say. Describe the problem in general and explain how you will research it. The body is the part where you add all your claims and provide arguments with examples. The conclusion is the part where you sum up everything in the text and draw corresponding conclusions.

You could fracture them even more! To the introduction, you could add what you study, and by using which theories or concepts you’re going to achieve it. The body could be supplemented by definitions, main and/or alternative arguments. In the summary, you could also state what the solution of the problem is, how it can be resolved as well as provide recommendations for future research.

Create Your List of Sources at the Beginning

When you’re conducting research, it’s very important to write down where you took the arguments, quotes or other materials. That way when you are creating your reference list, everything will be ready. Most people just perform research forgetting to write down sources as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Improve or Change the Plan

There is a saying that no battle plan has outlived its beginning. Something similar could be applied to your plan as well. Don’t be scared to change or adjust it. For example, you could find a new focus and adjust your title and plan to it. The only thing that is important is not to lose the end result focus. If you manage to do so, then your plan is good enough.


We hope that our article has been helpful to you. Now you should have a general idea of what a dissertation plan should look like as well as how to create it. We hope that it will make your dissertation writing much easier and turn it into a fun and interesting process for you! We wish you all the best of luck in this exciting task!