How To Make The Rich Care More About The World



When we think about the richest people in our society and what they want out of life, we tend to believe that they, like us, want more money. The reality however is a bit different. The wealthiest among us already have enough riches to last them for ten or more generations, so they don’t really bother with having more.

Nevertheless, wealth seems to attract even more wealth and so, their bank accounts get bigger and bigger. This however is not because of their need to have more money in order to spend it, but because of their need to be appreciated, honored and loved by others. This is a direct result of the materialistic society we currently live in. The more wealth you have, the better appreciated you are and thus have more honor.


This is not necessarily a bad thing and the rest of us, less fortunate, can take advantage for the benefit of us all. Some came up with the idea to tax the rich based on their wealth. This technique will not work and it never did since it had been tried before and failed. It could also have the opposite effect and we’d end up with all the wealthy people moving somewhere else, taking all their assets with them.


The best way to achieve a good result is to “trick” and seduce the rich into doing things which will benefit their community as a whole in exchange for our love. Wealth alone should not be the only way through which we consider a person worthy of our admiration, but through the actions that change the world for the better.

In short, we should admire people who deserve it and not the ones who just work for their own personal gain, but instead for the benefit of the entire planet. All of us made the world as it is, so we should work together to make it better. Even the rich need our help to achieve this!

Thanks to The School of Life we are able to share this very good advice with you all. Down below we have a video made by them, describing this process.