How To Grow Our Own Fresh Air Inside Our Homes!



In an industrial and increasingly urbanized environment many of us live in, fresh air has become a scarce commodity most have to do without. In a world where we breathe in more car exhaust and we don’t even know how a forest smells like, the need for fresh air has never been higher.

This could be classified as a scourge of the modern and civilized world where a underdeveloped country suffers from a lack of fresh, clean water while a more economically stable one lack in fresh air.

Here is where researcher Kamal Meattle comes in. Driven by a need to find a solution to this problem, he discovered that by having just 3 plants in our homes we increase the oxygen in our bodies by 1%. Not many of us know what this really means and how it helps us, but to put it in a more practical way, having these plants in our homes or work spaces, we can reduce eye irritation by 52%, respiratory problems by 34%, head aches by 24%, lung impairment by 12% and asthma by 9%.



With the help of “Areca Palm”, “Mother-in-law’s Tongue” and the “Money Tree” we can see a boost in our productivity in just 10 hours; just imagine the benefits for the long term!

Basically we now know how to grow our own fresh air in our homes! Don’t forget to watch this short clip of Mr. Kamal Meattle, made in partnership with TED-Talks.