How Diapers Help Your Plants Grow

diapers help your plants grow

One of the major problems when gardening or growing flowers in a pot is water. It either is too much or too little. You constantly need to water your plants and if you do it to often, you risk drowning them. Depending on the type of soil used, water can flow right through it or can stay on the top, forming a puddle.

Nevertheless, by using some disposable diapers you can create an extraordinary gardening gel and make these problems go away. In other words, diapers help your plants grow. This gel is non toxic, environmentally-friendly and can cut your watering schedule in half.

The crystals inside these diapers are water absorbent and if you mix them with the soil and add water over it, you’ll notice that your plants would get nutrients all throughout the day as the water is slowly released from these crystals.

To see exactly what you need to do, just watch this short video made by Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”.