This House Can Be Printed For $32,000 and In Less Than 8 Hours


This House Can Be Printed For $32,000 and In Less Than 8 Hours

This House Can Be Printed For $32,000 and In Less Than 8 Hours
This House Can Be Printed For $32,000 and In Less Than 8 Hours

A house takes a lot of time and energy to build, and every homebuilder can tell you that. He can also tell you just how much money he spent on building it and just how much materials he needed to have it built.

This is why a Ukranian homebuilding startup by the name of PassivDom has taken it upon itself to reduce both the cost and the time needed to build one by making use of a 3D printing robot that can create parts of small houses. This robot is able to print the walls, the roof and the floor and their 380 sq. foot model here took it about eight hours to finish. The rest of what’s needed, like the windows, plumbing and wiring, were installed by a person.

When finished, a house like this is completely autonomous and mobile. This means that it doesn’t need to be connected to any external electrical or plumbing systems. It’s made with solar panels that are connected to a battery and water is collected directly from the air. They also feature their own independent sewage system.

With a starting price of just $31,900, these houses are available for preorder in Ukraine and US, with the first one being delivered later this year.

The 380 sq. feet model house
This is how the inside looks like from the front door. There’s a retractable sofa, and a small kitchen at the far end. The windows are floor-to-ceiling.


According to Maria Sorokina, the company’s designer, there are three current models for homes, and the premium ones come complete with furniture. They can also do custom models as well.

“We should have opportunities to live in nature away from civilisation, but have comfortable conditions of a traditional house,” Sorokina says. “This technology can allow us to live in the woods, on mountains, or on the shore — far away from people and infrastructure.”

Depending on the model and the size, a house can take up to 24 hourse to be fully printed. Then, with the installing of everything else it needs and the finising touches, one such home could be finished in around a month. If the house is already made, it can be shipped on site the following day.

To make a house, PassivDom first maps out the plan for the 3D printer in their factories in both Ukraine and California. The seven-axel robot prints the roof, the walls and the floor layer by layer by making use of carbon fibres, resins, polyurethane, fibreglass and basalt fibres.