Honey on Tap Directly From The Beehive


This next task took Cedar Anderson around 10 years to make and accomplish the last item.

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He together with his dad, Stuart raise bumble bees and they were looking for a more straightforward and non-difficult thoughts of gathering nectar from the honey bees. This is how the idea of honey on tap directly from the beehive came to their attention.

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The item they created is known as the Flowhive and it’s the aftereffect of 10 years of arranging and testing. The Flowhive utilizes a honey bee brood box which is consolidated with a stockpiling and extraction unit.

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Their framework has a unique plan that uses Flow outlines rather than honeycomb edges utilized by a customary bee sanctuary.

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honey-on-tap (7)Below you can see a video with complete information for this project of honey on tap directly from the beehive.