Homeless Boy Using McDonald’s Light To Do Homework Proves To Be An Inspiration To Us All

Homeless Boy Using McDonald’s Light To Do Homework

This little homeless boy using McDonald’s light to do homework proves to be an inspiration to us all, showing that no matter how hard you’ve got it in life, there’s no excuse for not doing your best.

Daniel Cabrera from Manilla, Philippines, was pictured doing his homework on the pavement next to a McDonald’s restaurant in the country’s capital city. The picture captured by Joyce Torrefranca instantly went viral on Facebook, the author saying that the little boy inspired her to work harder.

The story behind Daniel’s situation is even more touching. His home burnt down and his father died, living him and his mother homeless on the streets of a Manilla, which is a very dangerous city.

“As a student, it gave me an inspiration to work harder. I’m fortunate my parents were able to send me to school. I seldom go to coffee shops to study, but this kid just hit me,” Torrefranca told Rappler.

“You really don’t need much, you just have to be determined and focused on the things that you want to achieve.”

Rosalina Detuya, one of Daniel’s teachers, describes him as being “a happy child”“He is also intelligent and actually answers during class discussion, he really participates”, she added.