Historical Facts Which Will Change Your Perspective Of Time

Historical Facts Which Will Change Your Perspective Of Time
Historical Facts Which Will Change Your Perspective Of Time
Historical Facts Which Will Change Your Perspective Of Time

Let’s look at some historical facts which will completely change your perspective of time as you know it. The good people of BoredPanda have decided to compel over 20 almost unbelievable historical facts which can make anyone rethink their knowledge about the past and present.

Trust us, just realizing that Marilyn Monroe was born in the same year as Queen Elizabeth II is mind blowing enough, but there are so many other unrevealed gems about certain people and certain events throughout history.

Let’s start scrolling down to some of the most spectacular findings.

#1 John Tyler, America’s Tenth President, Was Born In 1790. He Has Two Living Grandchildren. So This Means…

#2 Marilyn Monroe And Queen Elizabeth Were Born In The Same Year. Here They (Both 30 At The Time) Meet At A Movie Premier In London In October 1956

#3 Woolly Mammoths Were Still Alive While Egyptians Were Building The Pyramids (2660 BCE)

#4 Harriet The Tortoise, Who Died In 2006, Had Seen Charles Darwin In Person

#5 Oxford University Existed For Hundreds Of Years Before The Aztec Empire Was Founded (1428)

#6 George Washington Died In 1799. The First Dinosaur Fossil Was Discovered In 1824. George Washington Never Knew Dinosaurs Existed

#7 Nintendo Was Founded When Jack The Ripper Was Still On The Loose (1889)

#8 Today’s Oldest Living Tree (A Bristlecone Pine) Was Already 1,000 Years Old When The Last Wooly Mammoth Died

#9 Star Wars Came Out The Same Year As The Last Guillotine Execution In France (1977)

#10 Anne Frank And Martin Luther King Junior Were Born In The Same Year (1929)


#11 Swiss Women Got The Right To Vote The Same Year The U.S. Drove A Buggy On The Moon (1971)

#12 By The Time The Pilgrims Made It To Plymouth Rock, There Was A ‘Palace Of The Governors’ In New Mexico

#13 The Fax Machine Was Invented The Same Year The First Wagon Crossed The Oregon Trail (1843)

#14 You Could Take The London Underground To The Last Public Hanging In The UK (1868)

#15 Princess Diana And Mother Teresa Died Days Apart In 1997

#16 Prisoners Arrived At Auschwitz Just Days After Mcdonald’s Was Founded (1940)

#17 NASA Was Exploring Space By The Time Scientists Could Agree On Plate Tectonics (1967)

#18 Ecstasy Was Invented The Same Year The Titanic Sank (1912)

#19 The Last Known Widow Of A Civil War Vet, Maudie Hopkins (Seen Here At Her Lexa, Ark., Home In 2004 At 89 Years Old), Died In 2008. That’s The Same Year Barack Obama Won His First Presidential Election

#20 Harvard University Didn’t Offer Calculus Classes For The First Few Years After The School Was Established… Because Calculus Hadn’t Been Invented Yet