Hipster In Stone – Classical Statues as Hipsters



Photographer Léo Caillard and photo retoucher Alexis Persani made this hilarious and thought provoking series called Hipster in Stone. The clothes transform the timeless grace of the statue’s expression to the cool “i’m over it” modern look. The striking similarity makes me look at antiquity differently, have we really changed that much?

The answer may not be the one you or I were expecting. Looking at them, all dressed up like that, we realize than, not only do the clothes make the man, but also their poses, stances and expressions, put these antique statues into a totally different perspective. If before we weren’t able to understand their “feelings”, we can now relate more easily to those people of old. We begin to realize that people haven’t changed all that much throughout the ages. Only our clothes are a bit different.

These classical statues as hipsters make a perfect transition between Antiquity and today’s world. They don’t say very much, but through the way they present themselves, we realize that people are people regardless of when, where and how they were born, what language they spoke or what they thought the world to be.


Leo-Caillard-Alexis-Persani-photography1 Leo-Caillard-Alexis-Persani-photography2 Leo-Caillard-Alexis-Persani-photography3 Leo-Caillard-Alexis-Persani-photography4

Leo-Caillard-Alexis-Persani-photography5 Leo-Caillard-Alexis-Persani-photography7 Leo-Caillard-Alexis-Persani-photography8 Leo-Caillard-Alexis-Persani-photography9