He Got a Ticket for Not Riding in the Bike Lane and Then Filmed Himself Crashing Into Things On The Bike Lane



Casey Neistat got a ticket for not riding in the bike lane and then filmed himself crashing into things on the bike lane as a response to the policeman that fined him.

This is yet another stroke of genius from Casey Neistat, an oldie but goldie video, that shows just how much bike lanes are filled with things that shouldn’t be there.

When stopped by the police because he was riding his bike outside the bike lane, Casey Neistat tried to explain that there were cars parked there and he had no room to cycle there.


The policeman fined him $50 anyway, telling him that no matter what, he should always ride his bicycle inside the bike lane. That was exactly what Casey Neistat needed in order to create the most epic cycling video in history.

He started filming himself while crashing into all the things that were laying around the bike lane and his video went viral. Of course it did! It’s up to all the cyclists in the world to stand up for one another and to share the message further, to stop police abuse and to prevent drivers from parking on bike lanes.