Halloween Skeleton Fireplace


step 5 glow

As an often unused space for Halloween decorations, the fireplace might be the perfect place to maximize, your house’s boo-hoo factor. It’s a simple and quick solution to make a unique Halloween skeleton fireplace.

The cost of this project might be as low as 0, if you happen to have the needed items laying around your house. In order to build this amazing Halloween skeleton fireplace, the following supplies are needed:

  • Fabric (dark colored, creepy stuff with translucent ability)
  • An available fireplace
  • Orange string lights
  • Skeleton parts

Step 1: Clean The Fireplace

clean fireplace

Yes, you have to do it. The fireplace must be clean of any dust or soot for a “fresher” look of your roasted person.Step 2: Add Fire

add fire

Arrange your orange string lights so that they will be covered by the fabric and effective glow through the fabric and reflect on the skeleton bones.Step 3: Make the Fire Look More Natural

coal like visual

We want to obtain the look of hot coals that slowly roast a person’s bones, so you have to arrange the piece of fabric in order to obtain a result as close to reality as possible, while masking the bulbs.Step 5: Finishing touches

step 5 skelstep 5 glow

With everything else solved, all you have to do now is add the finishing touches to your Halloween Skeleton Fireplace, by arranging the skeleton parts in a  way that is more visually pleasant to yourself. As there might be more room left in your  fireplace, you can add decorations to it as you might wish. A spider web or some bats, just leave yourself guided by your creativity!