Gray Wolves Have Returned To California After 90 Years



Ever since the 1920s, there were no more wolves to speak of in the state of California. Either hunted or driven off by people living there, a pack of gray wolves have returned to California after a 90 year absence.

The “Shasta” pack was spotted in the northern parts of the state, on the mountainous region of Siskiyou County. The pack is no more than a young family comprised of two parents and five young pups.


Believed to have come from the neighboring state of Oregon, the pack quickly made this part of the state their home and began to reproduce. Experts hope that this will only be the beginning of the majestic gray wolf’s return to California.

They will be keeping a close eye on the pack, ensuring their well being from their most feared predator which drove them off all those years ago. Gray wolves are considered to be endangered by both the California Endangered Species Act, as of 2014, and the Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973, making it illegal to harm or capture them.

Authorities advise to stay well away from these wolves and not go close to them if encountered in the wilderness. This is for both the wolves’ sake and that of the hikers who come across them.