These Graphics Will Make You Think Twice About Your Life


These Graphics Will Make You Think Twice About Your Life

These Graphics Will Make You Think Twice About Your Life
These Graphics Will Make You Think Twice About Your Life

We oftentimes let each day pass us by without ever giving them a second thought. But a broader perspective could bring that back into focus. These graphics here will do just that. When we think about our own life, we oftentimes forget what it’s actually comprised of. For instance, we could start with years. Every time planet Earth moves around the sun in one full revolution, one year has passed. We do know for how long we are expected to live, on average, of course. But when those years are laid before us all at once, the image those graphics show us, is completely different than we might like to think.

Moreover, the number of months, let alone days, seem to be way beyond the scope of even counting them, but again, if we were to see them all together in graphics, we would be surprised of just how ‘small’, in a sense, our lives really are.

These graphics here were designed by Tim Urban and are a representation of his own realization about just how short life really is.

But okay, life isn’t made out of just days, months and years. All in all, life is mostly made out of the little things that sprinkle our day-to-day. So, in other words, you could resume your life by all sorts of repeating events – such as things that make your day a little better. Or you could describe your lifespan by the number of winters you still have to experience, or the number of presidents you’ll have working for you. Or what about the number of books you’ll read throughout your life? These graphics below take into account the age of their designer – which is 34. In other words, 34-years-worth of these are already taken off these graphics.

The number of books you’ll ever read if you live to be 90 and read 5 books on average evey year
The number of dumplings you’ll eat for the rest of your life if you eat a dozen per month.
The number of times you’ll take a dip in the ocean – granted that you do so once per year
The number of presidents you’ll elect.
The designer is a RedSox fan, and this will be the number of times he’ll go to a game – given that he’ll go to one once every three years.
The number of Superbowls you’ll see
The number of winters left