Gothic Loveliness by Christopher Shy – Halloween Art

Halloween Art

Shy’s artwork has a dreamlike quality full of gothic loveliness – blurred symbolism and tempered violence with veiled details in a dark, smoky palette. Vintage romanticism and narratives of mythical spooky lore are conjured up.  He uses tempura, watercolor, and photography. Printing some things out, then over painting, scanning again, and over painting again.  He founded Studio Ronin and has completed a number of works for  comics/graphic novels and for Hollywood. He also finds time to maintain a following as a fine artist as well with gallery shows.


Halloween Art

”I have always been a Comic Book artist. I was doing comics when I was 8. It has been, and always will be my true love. The story pushes you into creation of a world, and the art brings it into focus, and it is the force of creating every scene, based off that story, has always made me a better artist, and storyteller. I do fine art, gallery work, but all that comes from doing graphic novels. I have never done monthlies, I search out complete stories, and paint them from beginning to end.

For me, it’s the only way. I think they call us “Graphic Novelist” now, but I was always proud of just being a comic book artist. It’s a unique job, a tough job, and not a job easily explained to anyone outside of those who do it. I have completed 14 books, and I have immersed myself in each one of them. Approached each with no rules based on previous work, or experience. I may have a style, but I always try and shake it on each one. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I fail, I have a marvelous team I work with, who bust me if my panel structure gets too confusing, or my art gets a bit abstract.”  – Via Ain’t It Cool

Halloween Art




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