Google Tool Calculates Your Roof’s Potential Solar Output


Google Tool Calculates Your Roof’s Potential Solar Output

Google Tool Calculates Your Roof's Potential Solar Output
Google Tool Calculates Your Roof’s Potential Solar Output

This Google tool will help you calculate your roof’s solar energy output anywhere in the US. It wasn’t that long ago when solar panels and solar energy, in general, was seen as some sort of alternative energy. Something that you could brag about to your friends, or spark a conversation with. But today, however, this has changed and solar energy has become cheaper than even the mighty oil. Solar power has become a self-sustaining industry in and of itself – an industry that is constantly growing and developing.

But even though the price of a solar panel, as well as the cost of installing it on your roof, has gone down drastically over the past several years, people are still somewhat sceptical about the actual advantages and the cost effectiveness of installing one on their own roof. People still seem to wait for their neighbour to do it first, so as to let them talk about their benefits.

So as to answer this question of solar power potential, this google tool called Project Rooftop, was developed back in 2015. This google tool is as easy to use as google maps. You just need to locate your house and the app will do the rest. It will calculate your power potential, as well as the savings you would make. Since 2015, the app has expanded to include all 50 states.

There are currently over 60 million buildings in its “solar index” and more are added on a daily basis. And as you can imagine, the google tool is quite advanced and accurate. It takes into account a lot of things that go into the amount of sun rays that hit your rooftop. The position of the sun throughout the year, average weather patterns, the neighbouring houses and trees are all considered to give you the best possible estimation.

In other words, what this google tool does is that it transforms solar energy from a guessing estimate, into an actual one.

Now, according to the US Energy Information Association EIA, the average US home uses about 10,812 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year. In Huston alone, there is the rooftop solar potential to power over 1.7 million homes, and the top 10 cities in the US have a cumulative potential of 8 million. The Project Sunroof google tool also allows you to calculate your savings if you go solar.


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