Here’s how God Created all the Animals on Earth

Here’s how God Created all the Animals on Earth
Here's how God Created all the Animals on Earth
Here’s how God Created all the Animals on Earth

We’ve all asked questions about the Universe and about how all of this, what we call life, was created, but since we don’t have the answer for everything just yet, we’re just going to stick with how God created animals. At least for the time being.

So, how did it all start? How did God create several beings on Earth. How did he make sense of all this? The guys at Sadanduselesshumor have collected a series of photos and ideas from the web about the origins of life.

While it may not be what you were taught in school, this does not mean that the truth is far away. The answers you have been searching for your entire life could be these simple quotes placed on random Internet images.

Admit it, you did not know this about pandas…

What about the origins of jellyfish?

And have you ever questioned a raccoon’s existence?

Ducks? Really?

If you’re not scared about octopuses just yet, you are the problem.

Keep on going, it gets better.

How would you feel if everything you ever wanted to know about life was right in front of your eyes? How would you feel if you were to find out that the answers behind some of life’s biggest questions are that simple? You’d feel pretty dumb, wouldn’t you? Just start scrolling through the answers…


Are you a believer now? Ready to start spreading true facts about the origins of life?