Giant Tech Brands Reimagined As Derelict Neon Signs


Giant Tech Brands Reimagined As Derelict Neon Signs

If you own a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it is virtually impossible not to be accustomed to the giant tech brands. But living in such a digital world nowadays. you don’t even need to be connected to the internet in order to be exposed to these tech logos.

With that being said, digital artist Andrei Lacatusu has reimagined these Silicon Valley tech brands to look more like derelict neon signs, one would usually find in Las Vegas, or other such similar places, scattered all across the United States of America. Based on their present-day notoriety, these tech brands and the companies and digital products they represent, seem to be immortal and will forever be here to stay. But with this project, Lacatusu aims to show the world that this will, most certainly will not be the case and that everything has a proverbial shelf life.

As was with the original derelict signs after which these reimaginings were inspired from, they are now nothing more than shadows of what they once were. Entitled Social Decay, the 3D visualization project depicts such logos like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

Shown as derelict neon signs, these tech brands reimagined as such are presented in a striking image of mortality. And instead of showing their present-day shiny and glistening image, they are presented in a decaying state.

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