German Hunter Kills The Largest Elephant In Africa

The largest elephant in Africa is killed by ignorance

The Telegraph reports that a German hunter shot and killed one of the largest elephants ever spotted in Zimbabwe. The 50 years old mighty beast had some 122 lb. tusks and lived in Gonarezhou National Park in southwest Zimbabwe. In a world where entire animal species go extinct even before we are able to catalog them, wiping of the largest land mammal on Earth, and just for the fun of it, is down right stupid and irresponsible. This news come at a time when the African elephant is believed to go extinct within the decade if no serious conservation projects are implemented.

Earlier this month, a German hunter reportedly paid $60,000 for the privilege of killing the largest elephant in living memory. The hunter is yet to be identified but the photos clearly show that he was accompanied by at least one local and during his 21-day game hunt, he also killed several leopards, lions, buffalo, and rhinoceros.

“We have no control over poaching but we do have control over hunting policy that should acknowledge that animals such as this one are of far more value alive (to both hunters and non-hunters) than dead,” wrote Anthony Kaschula, an outraged employee of a photographic safari firm in Gonarezhou, on Facebook. “Individual elephants such as these should be accorded their true value as a National Heritage and should be off limits to hunting. In this case, we have collectively failed to ensure that legislation is not in place to help safeguard such magnificent animals.”

Happening, not even three months after the Cecil the Lion incident, humanity still seems to haven’t learned its lesson about the dire situation we’re all in at the moment. We are losing animal species left and right and it’s not as if there is a steady supply of new species coming. This is all there is. It could had been somewhat understandable if this incident would have been done by people who were under threat of starvation or imminent death, but coming from a person from the “civilized world”, it’s simply outrageous. A person like this should not only be severely punished by the law, but also shunned by society for putting its entire integrity at risk.