Galaxy-Inspired Bath Bombs Offer a Cosmic Twist on Luxurious Relaxation


 Galaxy-Inspired Bath Bombs Offer a Cosmic Twist on Luxurious Relaxation


Make bath time out of this world with The Cosmic Company’s handcrafted bath bombs. These galaxy-inspired creations are designed by licensed cosmetologist Heather Mcginley, who studied all natural and organic ingredients for about 10 years before deciding to make her own non-toxic products. When placed in water, the powdered balls unleash a delightful fizz and bubbliness, while also releasing soothing aromatherapy scents and turning your bath an exciting range of colors.

The beauty of the cosmos inspired Mcginley to create her luxurious bath accessories. She replicates the deep, speckled oranges and cool blues of this awe-inspiring celestial body, which will in turn transport you to your own galaxy of relaxation. Mcginley’s decision to focus on outer space also stems from our inherent connection to it, even though we’re so far away. “The stars are light we all share,” she writes. “We are all made from the universe!”

The Cosmic Company sells its soothing bath bombs through Etsy.

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