Funny Cartoons Expose The Challenges Modern Women Face Everyday


Funny Cartoons Expose The Challenges Modern Women Face Everyday


Most cartoons today which try to bring the negative parts of everyday life into the spotlight, often times take on a more harsh view of the situation. But Cécile Dormeau decided to go into a different direction with her works by showing things in a comical and colourful portraits of how modern women have to deal with the situations they encounter.

Some of the most mundane and intimate details of life are shown here in the most comedic way possible, Things like belly fat, arm or leg hair, stretch marks and similar stuff like that, will make women laugh at their own problems and possibly make them deal with them more easily in the future.

“I want to celebrate imperfection,” told ATTN


In an ever more connected world, beauty standards are almost always not suited for the modern, everyday woman. They are unrealistic, to say the least, and please don’t get us started on Photoshop used in them.

“This is unfortunately something which happens to all girls. I wanted to speak about the violence of this act by humor. Many women feel ashamed when they’re harassed, and this is not normal. Our bodies don’t belong to anyone, and no one has the right to touch a woman without her consent. This GIF is just a way to say to girls that they should not be scared to react to their aggressor, and make everyone conscious about this problem.”


“Girls will say, ‘I feel like a man when I do not shave,’ or ‘I am so gross with my hair,’ or feeling abnormal because they have hair on legs, pussy, arms, belly, breasts, peachfuzz, or whatever part of the body. But guess what, having hair is completely normal. We always feel bad in our bodies because society will never show realistic bodies, that’s why it’s our responsibilities as [artists] to represent what is not enough represented.”

“If my followers can recognize themselves in my illustrations and laugh at them and with them, I hope it can help them to move forward towards self-acceptance. How many times as a teenager (or even older) you will think, ‘I am not normal,’ because you will not feel identified to what media is showing you. I really want to say this by my illustrations, ‘Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I have flaws too. I am fucked up too sometimes, you are completely normal.’”

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