French Street Artist Injects a Little Humor and Fun on The Streets of Paris


French Street Artist Injects a Little Humor and Fun on The Streets of Paris


Street artist from France, Charles Leval, otherwise known as Levalet, is someone who loves to inject a little humor onto the streets of Paris by gluing pasteups in areas where they become interactive with their surrounding environment. A bronze bull head at the top of a fountain might transform into a Minotaur, for example. Or a crumbling wall could look as though it’s being deliberately drilled away by a mysterious character.

When Levalet is not on the streets, he can be found in a classroom, where he teaches art, or in one of many galleries exhibiting his latest work. Speaking of his unique street art, he said: “I was looking for places and contexts to operate. The street became a creative space I had to invade.”

What many can say today is that museums are boring. In today’s world, a world filled by distractions of all sorts, going to  museum or art gallery, is something not many of us do. That’s why the street has become the perfect place for artworks. And it makes sense. Art shouldn’t be locked up in some building, it needs to breathe and be outside, where all people are. This is a great way even for more impoverished people to have access to it. By doing what he’s doing, street artist Lavalet is actually connecting the average person to art.



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