Former Playboy Models Photographed 60 Years Later


Former Playboy Models Photographed 60 Years Later

Former Playboy Models Photographed 60 Years Later
Former Playboy Models Photographed 60 Years Later

These former Playboy models were photographed 60 years later, after their first appearance on the adult magazine’s cover. This unique photo series shows us how life just keeps on going, no matter what we do, or say. It’s basically a reminder that time waits for no one, not even for time itself.

At their peak, these former Playboy models were some of the most desirable and hottest women in the world. Today, although they can still turn some heads around, their age is visible, and their attitudes are unforgivable. They still have the confidence they had when they posed naked 60 years ago, and for these women, being Playmate of the month had a huge impact on their whole life.

New York Magazine had the amazing idea of getting them back together for a photo shoot for the ages. The brilliant people behind this initiative had to look a little bit through the archives and do some research to find which former Playboy cover girls were still alive and which ones would accept the invitation to partake in a ‘Now and Then’ photo series.

It’s truly marvelous to see how these women managed to build their careers after appearing in Playboy, and how they didn’t loose their unique charm throughout all these years.

Dolores Del Monte, Miss March 1954, AGE: 82


MISS MARCH 1954 Dolores Del Monte

AGE: 82

POST-PLAYBOY: Public relations

“I had done some pinup modeling, wearing a two-piece bathing suit. On a calendar shoot, the receptionist gave me a robe and said, “When you’re finished undressing, come out.” I thought, Who’s going to see it, anyway? I’d only ever seen a calendar of a nude gal in an automotive shop. Later, I was notified that they wanted to use a photo of mine in a magazine, but I thought it was some other picture—I had worn a bathing suit that was cut all the way down past the navel. I’m so proud of that Playboy picture now. It hangs in my house and it hangs in a lot of other people’s houses. It can fit in a boudoir, a den—maybe not the living room.” (NY Magazine)

Helena Antonaccio, Miss June 1969, AGE: 65


Marilyn Cole Lownes, Miss January 1972, AGE: 65


Janet Lupo, Miss November 1975, AGE: 64


Laura Aldridge, Miss February 1976, AGE: 59


Candace Jordan, Miss December 1979, AGE: 60


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