Here’s The Most Detailed Forest Map Of The United States


Here’s The Most Detailed Forest Map Of The United States

Forest Map Of The United States
Here’s The Most Detailed Forest Map Of The United States

A forest map is desperately needed in this day and age. And with this in mind, the cartography experts from EarthArtAustralia have done just that. They’ve created a detailed forest map of the United States, by making use of images from the Landsat satellite. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, a different look of the America.

The green of the canopy comes from the spring growing season when the colour is most vibrant and easy to see. And what’s more, the team was able to differentiate the actual forests from other plants and greenery, just by looking at the satellite images. They did it by looking at the wavelengths these forests are emitting.

Olympic National Park and the northern Cascades, Washington state

The company explains, “[Landsat] takes photographs of the Earth in red, green and blue wavelengths like our eyes can see, but also a bunch of other wavelengths that are invisible to us (near infra-red, short-wave infra-red, thermal infra-red etc). Essentially, different kinds of vegetation reflect different combinations of all those different types of light, so you can train a computer model to separate the different types of plants automatically!”

Some have pointed out that several pine forests, like those found in Texas, northern Arizona, and western Colorado – where these forests appear in white on the map. The reason behind this is probably because pine trees reflect light in a similar way to shrubs -because of their needles, and as a result, they were removed in the process.

Northern Pennsylvania and the Appalachians

Nevertheless, the map is amazing in its own right and is an important reminder of what else is there in the US besides highways and malls. You can even purchase one of these maps for yourself via their shop on Etsy. It comes in two versions, one being a file that you can print yourself, while the other is a museum quality poster print on archival matte paper.There are even some more detailed versions such as or Florida or Washington. What’s more, 10% of the sales go into environmental conservation research.


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