Foldaway Bike Helmet for a Slick Look, Easy Transport and Storage


Foldaway Bike Helmet for Easy Transport and Storage


It’s not often when you see safety and fashion working hand in hand. However, Sujene Kong and Christian Von Heifner from Manhattan what to change that with the new safe and trendy FEND. This is a collapsible bike helmet, specifically designed for those living in cities. When folded away, this bike helmet collapses to a third of the size, and then can be put away in a handbag until further use. According to their Kickstarter campaign, just “fold, stash, and store in your bag until you need it again!”

The idea for the project came about rather by accident, literally. One day Kong and Heifner were riding their bikes when Heifner was hit by a car. This gave them both a wake-up call, realizing that, even though helmets are a safety must, many people don’t wear them because they are often bulky, difficult to carry around once off the bike and they often times keep your head hot.


Both Kong and Heifner have over 20 years of experience in product development and design, as well as industrial design and retail merchandising. Together they came up with the idea of FEND, something that both would like to wear.

FEND is well within the bounds of US and European bicycle safety standards. This foldaway bike helmet includes an impact-resistant ribbed shell. Its joint system allows it to be folded down to a third the size and re-opened and fixed into place once it’s needed.


The crowdfunding for FEND was launched in early October with plans for the first products to arrive in Spring of 2017. To learn more about FEND and pre-order your own trendy, foldable bike helmet, visit their website. If you’re interested in this innovative bike helmet, please be sure to check out their Kickstarter page as well.


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