Facebook AI Developed Its Own Non-Human Language


Facebook AI Developed Its Own Non-Human Language

Facebook AI Developed Its Own Non-Human Language
Facebook AI Developed Its Own Non-Human Language – image via techbeacon.com

It might seem that artificial intelligence (AI) is still far on the horizon, but it is, nevertheless, important to note that things are happening. In fact, they are happening fast. One Facebook AI used to interact with other similar bots was beginning to develop its own style of communication.

Not only was it revealed that bots are actually good at working together and striking bargains with each other, they are also great at learning from each other. At one point, the researchers at the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Lab had to change some aspects of their model, otherwise, they were at risk of not understanding anything that was happening. The Facebook AI was on the verge of diverging so much from human language during its “conversations” with other bots, and developing its own language of negotiating that the researchers had to use a fixed supervised model instead.

As time went on and the two bots were communicating with each other and developing strategies for better communication, led the bots to create their own style of non-human language. Now, this might seem a bit too scientific, maybe, but it’s as natural as natural gets. It’s evolution at its finest.

Now, the Facebook AI, as well as other bots are good negotiators. Bots are also used in the Stock Market and with great effect too. They use a lot of strategies like pretending to be interested in something that doesn’t really have any value, only to concede it during the negotiations. But when it comes to language, it really gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in the future.

This development regarding the Facebook AI bot doesn’t mean that we’ve reached the, so called, Singularity and that bots and machines have become self-aware; far from it. But by developing its own style of language, it has really made some to wonder what does it really means to be human. Until fairly recently we believed that complex language was a human-only trait.

Another interesting factor here is the fact that, even though humans are the ones who designed these bots in the first place, it is hard for them sometimes to keep up or even understand how they actually work.

“There remains much potential for future work,” Facebook’s researchers wrote in their paper, “particularly in exploring other reasoning strategies, and in improving the diversity of utterances without diverging from human language.”