Fabula Pencil Is Made Out Of Recycled Coffee, Tea and Flower Petals



The Fabula pencil is a cute and eco-friendly design for the simplest of our writing tools. It’s made out of recycled coffee grounds and tea leaves from different cafes, as well as flower petals from discarded by flower-shops. These raw materials are then processed in order to create the pencil’s sturdy body, as well as giving it its delicate yet grainy surface. Thanks to its slightly larger size, the Fabula pencil fits perfectly in your hand, making it good for both writing and drawing your sketches.

What’s even more nicer about the Fabula pencil is that once it gets too short to use, the remaining stub can be placed in water and in just a couple of days, watch as a goji, forest strawberry or tea plant sprouts to life. This is because every pencil has one of these seeds at its very end. Being made out of organic, recyclable matter, the stub acts as the soil for the seedling, offering all the nutrients it needs to grow.


Quite a cute, simple, eco-friendly and ingenious idea, especially now when we need to do our very best to make a change in the world. If you’re interested about it, you can support the project here and get your own Fabula pencil right away.