Exquisite Pressed Flower Jewelry Pays Homage to Nature’s Blooming Beauty


Exquisite Pressed Flower Jewelry Pays Homage to Nature’s Blooming Beauty


Nature inspires us all in different ways. For Adrienne DeLoe of Winter Garden Studios, her reverence towards Mother Earth takes the form of necklaces and earrings that use real pressed flowers in their own flower jewelry design. Tiny ferns, blue daisies, and colorful leaves are set behind glass and bound with antique-style silver plated frames and chains.

DeLoe takes a minimalist approach towards the jewelry’s hardware, allowing the exquisite outdoor elements to shine. Their vibrant colors are a perfect way to celebrate the current spring season, and they also double as tiny beacons of light for the colder months. During winter, they act as a reminder that this same beauty will reemerge once the snow melts.

As for the intent behind each handcrafted piece of botanical jewelry, DeLoe tells us: “I use materials that reflect the elements of beauty around us; primarily flowers and flower petals, often offset by fine papers or original digital and hand drawn images. I collect my botanicals from a wide range of places including my home garden and trips abroad.”

DeLoe sells her jewelry through the Winter Garden Studios Etsy shop.


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