The Most Expensive Beers Around The World


The Most Expensive Beers Around The World

The Most Expensive Beers Around The World
The Most Expensive Beers Around The World

If you were thinking about having a cold one, be sure to consult the most expensive beers around the world, all beautifully placed together in this top created by Deutsche Bank. Beer is great, but sometimes it can be a little to expensive. We’re not saying you shouldn’t have a beer, but if you’re on a budget while travelling, here are the places you should avoid.

While gathering data on prices for a large variety of services to present to some clients, Deutsche Bank managed to configure the biggest prices for beer worldwide. These prices refer to how much a beer costs per 500 ml or 1 pint.

The analysis conducted by Deutsche Bank was done on neighborhood pubs from expat areas in the given cities. The prices refer to 2017, so much like the beer, the results are quite fresh and refreshing.

Almost not surprising at all, at least for European beer drinkers, Prague has the cheapest price per beer with and average of $1.30 per pint or 500 ml. Second place sees Johannesburg, South Africa, with a $1.70 price per beer, while the TOP 3 is completed by Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, with a $2 price tag for an average beer.

While these prices may seem fairly cheap to most travelers, there are also cities on the other side of the top which will kind of make you think twice about having that second or third beer one normally has when having a good time.


The cities where you shouldn’t go if you’re a beer lover, you should probably avoid Oslo, Norway, which ranks as the most expensive place to drink a beer with a price of $9.90 per serving. Singapore follows suit with $9 per beer and Hong Kong is right up there with $7.70 for a cold one.

New York City (no surprise here!) ranks as the most expensive US city to drink a beer with a price tag of $7.40, closely followed by Boston with $7.20 per beer.