Every Cyclist’s Dream Has Come True! This Invisible Spray Will Save Your Life!




Every cyclist’s dream has come true! This invisible spray will save your life! Lifepaint is the invisible spray designed by Volvo that will make a difference in traffic from now on. A real difference.

This is definitely the stuff cyclists dream about, especially if you consider the lack of respect and attention they receive from drivers while they’re pedaling the streets, minding their own business without bothering anybody, not even the environment.



The UK has over 19,000 accidents involving cyclists each year, most of them happening during the night when visibility levels are very low.


Given the fact that everybody wants to live in a “greener” city and an eco-friendly world, we have to pay more attention to cyclists because they are part of the people that are making the world a better and safer place to live in.

The invisible spray is the simple answer to this very complex problem. Now drivers will be able to see cyclists during the night, and cyclists will be able to pedal away freely, without the fear of getting hit or even killed by a car.

“Life Paint” is Volvo’s invention and it is comprised out of a very simple invisible spray that cyclists have to apply on their clothes and bikes. This invisible spray for cyclists contains reflective particles that stick together with a special adhesive, making the cyclist invisible by day, and visible during the night.

Interested in getting all “dirty” with “Life Paint”? Check out Volvo’s Invisible Spray For Cyclist Website.