Entrancing Ceramic Geometry with Solemika


Entrancing Ceramic Geometry with Solemika


Working with clay is as old as civilization itself and mastering the art of ceramics today is an almost magical undertaking. Some may say that only your imagination will limit what you can create. A Polish girl from Krakow, Dominika Leśniak, is one such person. She loved to get herself covered in clay ever since she was a little girl, trying to mold the whole world to her own liking. As she was growing up, she fell in love with shapes, patterns and contours, enrolling into architecture school as a result.

But as she told Gipsy.Ninja in an interview: “As I was studying the intricacies of geometry and the techniques of drawing as an architect, I realized that I would no longer be able to make things with my own two hands. I am and always was extremely passionate about sculpture. I missed the magic of clay and what I can do with it.”


She then studied design in Italy and enrolled into a ceramics program in Lisbon, where she learned the craft of Portuguese “azulejos” from one of the local masters. The perfect combination of her passions it would seem, as she now creates nothing less than entrancing ceramic geometry.

In a little basement somewhere in Krakow she designs and creates functional and unique ceramics for both interior and exterior. Each piece is entirely made by hand. They all start off as a lump of clay right in her workshop called Solemika. And the ceramic geometry is evident in each of her works. Here, architecture meets clay tiles in all sorts of unique and mesmerizing shapes, patterns and colors.

Functionality is not something she disregards and believes it to be an intricate part of any piece of art. Art just for art’s sake is nothing if you don’t make it work for you. The combinations are endless, their uses are numerous, and all that stands in your way is how far you are willing to imagine.



TANGANIKA – Flying Table

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A Hexagonal Mess

thumb_IMG_2062_1024-copy TMHH-SOLEMIKA


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KONSTELACJA – 3D Hand Made TilesIMG_4190