Enough Internet for Today! Japanese TV Show Has Guys Singing While Getting Jerked Off!



Enough Internet for Today! Japanese TV Show has guys singing while getting jerked off! This may surprise you, but considering the Japanese culture and their modern traditions, we could say that this is right on track with everything going on in the country.

With more and more people being focused only on their work, Japan has a big problem with it’s population, given the fact that young sexually active men and women are no longer interested in sex. Work, work, work!

We’re guessing that this is just one of their ways of getting off (pun intended!) and instead of the regular “work, work, work” ethic Japanese people pride themselves on, this show, called “Sing What Happens” is all about “wank, wank, wank”. We have to thank the TV show’s producers for censoring out the nasty parts and transforming this article from a NSFW into a weird and very bizarre read.


This is how it starts…


Add a classy red curtain…hotsinging3

The reaction? Priceless…


Behind the scenes.


We don’t know what the prizes of this karaoke contest are (if there are any!), but contestants and viewers enjoy this show because Japanese people are always suckers for a happy ending.

Although the act of masturbation is a normal and natural one, doing it on live prime-time TV could be a bit of a trick, especially if you’re trying to sing karaoke songs while getting “touched” by a very attractive young women.